Medico Legal Examination

The examination includes certain questions regarding the accident and the injuries sustained from the accident. Our medical experts will ask of any previous accidents or injuries with the approximate dates. It is important to find out whether past medical injuries or medical problems were causing difficulties at the time of the accident or how long the injuries took to resolve.

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They will need to be aware of basic information regarding the accident including the date it occurred, who was involved, if the claimant was the driver or passenger. What injuries were sustained in relation to the accident. What treatment, if any, the claimant received at the scene. If they visited their GP or local Hospital. Affect the accident has had on their work and home life. Our medical expert will then complete the report with a prognosis.

We provide dedicated clinics nationwide to carry out these appointments to a wide range of solicitors, insurers and clients. If you require more information on all of our locations or have any special location requests then please feel free to contact our team at head office and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate your requirements.