Medico Legal Reporting

All medico legal reports are quality checked to ensure presentation accuracy and the presence of a clear prognosis. We complete a variety of different medical reports including: A review of an injury without reference to a patient’s notes and X-rays. This report contains a simple conclusion and offers a long term prognosis and is a clear review of the injuries to enable a detailed assessment of the claim.

AWe can also provide a review of the claimant’s injuries sustained within the incident with a suitable prognosis and reference to a notes review.

Alternate Text

Another form of report we can offer is a more complex review of the client’s injuries with a suitable prognosis with a high volume of notes and x-ray reviews.

The most in depth report we complete includes a full report of multiple injuries, including the client’s past medical history, a complex medical case and a review of a high volume amount of notes and hospital records. We can adapt the medical report to relate to each client’s individual circumstances and medical history to ensure a full and detailed report is submitted at the end of each appointment. We gather as much information from the client as possible to get a full understand of their current situation, past medical history and a full portrayal of the accident to provide a concluded report prepared for court.